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How To Get Through Valentine’s Day If You’ve Recently Been Dumped?

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Even though we know that the 14th is just another day in February, the Valentine’s Day can be really difficult for anyone who has recently been dumped by someone. In fact, getting over someone whom you’ve loved so much is a million times tougher. You just don’t know what to do on your first single Valentine’s Day after a long relationship. Every sweet couple around you reminds you of how you had spent your V – Day.

However, just because you’re feeling sad and lonely doesn’t mean this Valentine’s Day has to be the worst day of the year. Here are a few tips that would help you get through Valentine’s Day if you’ve recently been dumped.

  1. Ditch Social Media: Looking at pictures of lovely couples on your Facebook timeline would only make things worse. It would make sense to take a little break from the internet for a day. If you want to be happy, refrain from signing onto Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for a couple of days.
  1. Do things that make you happy: Plan a few things in advance that would keep you occupied on the 14th of February. It really doesn’t matter what it is as long as it makes you happy. It could be watching your favorite action or horror movie, sleeping the entire day or munching on your favorite food.
  1. An Anti – Valentine’s Day celebration: Throw an Anti – Valentine’s Day party for all your single friends and those who hate this day. You can make fun of whomever you want and have a drink together.
  1. Don’t indulge in anything that makes you sad: Avoid stalking your ex on Facebook or think about memories from your past relationship. Instead of focusing on the fact that you’re single, do something to cherish independence. Watching movies like The Notebook and Titanic is certainly a bad idea.
  1. Go out and do something interesting: If you think staying in bed will only make things more miserable, find something else to do. You can head out with a couple of other single friends on a shopping spree. It is advised you stay away from restaurants and parks as these places attract a lot of couples on the V – Day.

In addition, it is advised you don’t start hunting for a companion as soon as you’ve been dumped. Sometimes, it is good to have some ‘me – time’, as it gives the opportunity for introspection. Let love happen by itself instead of forcing yourself into a relationship. In addition to this, joining a dating site when you’re ready would be wise.

10 Amazing Valentine’s Day Gifts Celebrities Bought For Their Partners

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It’s absolutely true that Hollywood A-listers leave no tables unturned when it comes to pleasing their partners on Valentine’s Day. We are all aware of the outrageous V – Day gifts Hollywood celebs have bought for their partners on this very special occasion. While we await to see the kind of gifts celebrities get this year, here is a list of Valentine’s Day gifts that celebrities bought for their loved ones in the recent years.


  1. A celebrity couple as unconventional as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie certainly deserves something unconventional on this very special day. The Hollywood actress bought her long time beau a 200-year-old olive tree for their French Chateau. The gift cost her $18,500.
  1. In 2011, American singer Justin Bieber spent $2,000 to clean out a florist’s entire stock of daisies, tulips and roses to send to girlfriend Selena Gomez. It was unfortunate that the couple failed to keep their relationship afloat.
  1. American Heartthrob Katy Perry bought her then – husband Russell Brand a lilac – colored Bentley Brooklands on this special day.
  1. A lot of couples get married on Valentine’s Day but not everyone can afford a 5.2 carat emerald – cut engagement ring. In 2007, Howard Stern gave this special gift worth $250,000 to longtime girlfriend Beth Ostrosky.
  1. In 2008, George Clooney of Ocean’s Eleven fame planned a romantic getaway to a $40,000 hotel suite with his girlfriend, Sarah Larson.
  1. In 2009, popular American Singer Jay – Z bought wife Beyonce a platinum – covered mobile phone. The luxurious product reportedly cost him a whopping $24,000.
  1. New York based Hip Hop artist Swizz Beats created a hand – painted piece of art for his lovely wife Alicia Keys on Valentine’s Day. There is nothing better than creating something special for your loved one, isn’t it?
  1. In 2012, Nick Cannon treated his then – wife Mariah Carey to a special night with pink and red heart – shaped balloons, a decorated horse – drawn carriage around the New York City and a candlelit Jacuzzi bath. Could it get more romantic than this?
  1. This list couldn’t have ended without the mention of Kim Kardashian. In 2013, Yeezy spent a mind-boggling $73,000 on a Panthere De Cartier cuff. The cuff featuring white gold, emeralds and diamonds would have certainly made for an elegant gift.
  1. British Soccer star David Beckham spoiled his wife Victoria Beckham with a Bulgari necklace that cost him a jaw – dropping $8 million. Well, talk about the perfect husband!

Well, the aforementioned gifts that celebrities bought for their partners would certainly make you green with envy. So, all you can wish for is a millionaire partner.


5 Unusual Places You May Find Your Valentine

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They say when you really want something the entire universe conspires in helping you achieve it, and this is certainly true in case of dating. Sometimes, things do happen all by themselves with you having little control over it. The same applies to love. A lot of people from across the globe have confessed to finding their soul mates in places they least expected to find love. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you don’t necessarily have to visit expensive clubs and bars in search of your companion. Check out this list of the most unusual places where people met their life companion.

The Gym: The gym is certainly not the place to show your glamorous side. However, when you do notice someone interesting, it wouldn’t be wrong to have a brief chat, probably about the kind of workout they do. If you’re successful in breaking the ice, it wouldn’t take long to exchange numbers and get the ball rolling.

Your Next Flight: You couldn’t ruin the opportunity of connecting with someone on your 8 hour flight to London, could you? Regardless of which mode of transport you take, it is possible to find a life companion. As a matter of fact, many love stories have begun during a flight.

Online: While every person join a dating site with the intention of finding a date, you have little control over whom you connect with. A random person sends you a message and you start chatting. Over a period of time, you start liking him / her and then you start seeing other in the real world.

At the vet: So, you’ve come to the vet for a regular checkup of your little family member and see a beautiful girl right across the room waiting for her pooch’s turn. This is an amazing opportunity to strike conversation, given the fact you have something in common.

In the library: You might have seen this in movies but a few things shown in movies are inspired from the real life. If you’ve seen a beautiful girl or a handsome hunk browsing through the same section as you, waste no time in initiating a conversation. It is to be borne in mind that it is a library and you’d have to keep a check on your voice as well as emotions.

You don’t have to make a great deal of effort in finding your soul mate. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, all you need to do is keep your eyes and ears wide open so that you don’t miss any opportunity to find that special someone who may eventually change the course of your life.